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Medical Resources
Last Updated on 09/09/2015

Doctors and Hospitals

For your convenience, ACS has compiled a list of local hospitals and doctors. The U.S. Embassy Budapest assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability, reputation or the quality of services provided by the medical professionals, medical facilities or air ambulance services whose names appear on these lists. Names are normally listed by specialty and alphabetically and the order in which they appear has no other significance. Professional credentials and areas of expertise are provided directly by the medical professional, medical facility or air ambulance service. An alternate source of medical referrals is provided by the Ministry of Health's Dr. Info portal, or on phone at 06-40-374-636 (Hungarian only).

Other useful sites in English:

Emergency phone numbers:

  • Ambulance: 104 or 350-0388
  • Police: 107
  • Fire Department: 105
  • 24-hour English speaker: 112

English is usually spoken at the emergency numbers listed above. In case English is not spoken, dial 112.

Since many U.S. insurance policies do not cover expenses incurred overseas, it is advisable to purchase special insurance covering medical care overseas before traveling to Hungary. Please note that Medicare benefits are not payable for services rendered outside the United States. In Hungary, doctors and hospitals generally require payment in cash upon completion of services rendered.

Hungarian Immunization Services

Inquiries about immunization should be referred to the Hungarian Public Health office, International Vaccination Service (ANTSZ) at 1097 Budapest, Gyali ut 2-6; Tel.: 476-1100.

Private services are available at: Intermed Immunization Service, 1134 Budapest, Vaci u. 70; Tel.: 787-8770.

U.S. Travel insurance information

Medical Supplier Companies

Northern Pharmacy International Services specialize in urgent delivery of medications (prescriptions, specialty medications, and OTCs), medical supplies, formulas and medical foods, and medical equipment.  We will order items from any vendor possible, and are always happy to work with new companies.  Our goal is to serve as a one stop shop for all of our clients. We offer international shipment of medication, medical supplies, and any related items.  We do bill many insurances, offer courtesy billing, out of pocket payment options, and we accept various payment methods.
Tel: 443-909-7884 F: 443-909-7881

Medical Evacuation Companies

Medical evacuations can be very costly. Costs vary according to the final destination in the U.S., whether a plane is sent out from the United States or a commercial carrier is used, how many medical escorts are needed, etc. It is advised to have medical insurance that covers these costs.
The companies listed below are all based in the United States:

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